Episode 21: The Dangers of Having Affection for Food

Episode 21: The Dangers of Having Affection for Food

Welcome to Episode 21 of The Road to Carnivore Podcast!

This 14-minute episode brings awareness to a common stumbling block for those trying to switch to a carnivore lifestyle: unchecked affection for non-carnivore foods.

Reining in this affection is key to doing carnivore long term from a place of joy and peace, instead of forced discipline and compliance.

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Joanne Ozug is the creator of The Road to Carnivore podcast series and a proponent for a carnivore way of eating. She specializes in helping others transition toward eating more meat and animal foods to create better health.


  1. Marlo says:

    The word “boundary ” resonates with me. I use boundaries when decluttering and organizing. We use boundaries when dealing with toxic relationships. But how can I use boundaries in relation to food and family when they don’t follow a carnivore lifestyle? My husband’s “love language” is food… he eats whatever he wants, buys junk food whenever he wants, and he will purposely buy me food, even though most everything will give me a stomachache (believe me, we’ve had the conversations/arguments). It’s extremely hard when that food keeps coming into the house. “Boundaries” sounds like a promising concept, but I have a really difficult time setting them for myself and my family. Any insights would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Marlo, I think it’s awesome you’re exploring this in the realm of carnivore. I can hear in what you’re saying that you’re already familiar with the concept, you just need to figure out what it looks like with food. Physical boundaries are easier in many ways, because if the food isn’t in the house, you can’t eat it. However, mental boundaries will serve you better in the long run because then you’re not tempted by stuff at parties or out in the wild either. Go through the podcast again and really try to understand what’s going on with the lizard brain. You’re going to want stuff when you see it. That’s natural. But will you allow the lizard brain to be in charge? At the end of the day you are permitting or deciding what you do or don’t eat. This will be an ongoing exploration, I wish you success. It’s a rewarding process that will help you even beyond food.

  3. OlgaF says:

    Hi, Joanne.
    This resonates with me, I understand the Bible language. Its what i needed to hear too.
    I am the only one in my household that on a keto/ transfering to carnivour 🙂 lifestyle. My husband drinks wine, loves bread as other people too. I even cook for them.
    I noticed too that if i dont consider these foods good and pleasant for me, will not pine for the baguette, or glass of wine, i am totally fine.
    Our mindset changes with time and i start craving steak or eggs. Our mind is renewed.
    Thank you for your podcast, I binge listened to all the episodes and gained valuable information.

    • Hi Olga, I’m glad this resonates for you. And I understand it is very challenging to be around all that food and drink because then the boundaries are required to be mental. You will be stronger that way though!

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