Welcome to the Road to Carnivore Podcast

In this series, you’ll learn how and why eating more meat and less plants can create better health. Find out why I believe that the further you travel down the road to carnivore, the healthier you will be.

Unlike most podcasts, each episode is between 10 and 20 minutes, and is an information-packed synthesis of the tremendous amount of health information available on that episode’s topic.

Each episode gives you the most important information and science to quickly understand each topic, so you can most efficiently learn about the very important relationship between diet and health.

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  • Joanne Ozug

    Joanne is a proponent for a carnivore way of eating and helps people achieve better health by embracing meat and animal foods.

    Having struggled for decades with endless cycles of dieting, restriction, and using food for emotional stress, she is most passionate about helping people overcome these obstacles and feel in control of deciding how and what they want to eat.

    After years of experimentation and research, Joanne believes most in the healing nourishment of meat and animal foods, and wants to shift the current food narrative toward celebrating the goodness of this essential food.