Hi, I’m Joanne! I’m a proponent of a carnivore way of eating. I help people create better health by eating more meat and less plants.

  • More Meat?

    The more meat the better. Let’s challenge the narrative that meat is bad and unhealthy, and instead let’s explore the possibility that meat is actually the healthiest food you can eat.

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  • Less Plants?

    Let’s take a fresh look at the plant-based health narrative and consider the possibility that eating less plants can give you better health by reducing intake of harmful plant toxins.

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Curious about learning more?

  • Begin with the Road to Carnivore Podcast Episode 1: This 13-minute episode gives you an idea of what this entire podcast series is about, along with a preview of the many topics that will be covered. Food is the single biggest factor for our health and wellbeing, and this introduction explores the idea that the closer you eat to a carnivore diet, the healthier you will be.

  • Listen to Episode 1

    Curious about why and how someone could end up eating this way? In Episode 2 of the Road to Carnivore Podcast, I share my personal story of how and why I came to carnivore. I honestly never expected to eat this way, but no medication or diet has ever put all of my health issues into remission like carnivore has. I share all the intimate details with you in this episode.

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This guide isn’t just a bunch of fluff that I threw together. 

These are the actual strategies I use that have helped me eat out at parties, restaurants, vacations, and gatherings, in a way that I didn’t regret afterward.

I used to be the person who’d fly off the rails and eat all the things at the party, when I had happily been eating carnivore at home for several weeks.

I didn’t fly off the rails on purpose, of course.

But someone would really want me to try “just a bite” of their special cake, and then it’d all go out the window. Since my plan was already ruined, I decided I may as well eat everything.

If this is you too, I get it. And there is hope.

This stuff works. It has changed my life and I know it can change yours too.

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