Episode 16: How to Handle Falling Off the Wagon

Welcome to Episode 16 of The Road to Carnivore Podcast!

In this 16-minute episode, I will teach you how to handle falling off the wagon, and how to get back on track.

It’s best to avoid falling off the wagon in the first place by doing the practices I shared in the previous episode on handling cravings, but the truth is that sometimes it’s going to happen. The information I share in this episode will help you learn how to get back on track as soon as possible to minimize the damage. 

Joanne Ozug is the creator of The Road to Carnivore podcast series and a proponent for a carnivore way of eating. She specializes in helping others transition toward eating more meat and animal foods to create better health.


  1. Joe Salerno says:

    Great podcast! I just found you/your podcast and just discovered the Carnivore diet. I appreciated this podcast because it “hit home”.
    Falling off the wagon is my biggest fear. Thank you for the terrific advice. I can’t wait to read the show notes and listen to your other podcasts!
    Joe Salerno

    • Hi Joe, I’m happy to hear the podcast has been helpful and that this episode resonated. You are clearly very aware and that awareness will help you grow beyond your obstacles in food. Good work!

  2. caroline greening says:

    Really enjoyed the podcasts, you are very honest and that helped me to be honest to myself. I am going to write up my package deal and place it on the fridge, to ensure I think about why I have grabbed the fridge door handle in the first place! The one thing I do know is that work gets in the way of eating when I want – lunch and breaks are dictated and don’t fit with my personal needs.

    • Wow, what a compliment! The idea of me being honest helping you be honest too. That was really lovely to receive, thank you. I’m cheering you on with your progress. Opening the fridge almost mindlessly used to be a habit of mine. It has now gone, and yours will too. And I hear you on the work stuff, but once you break the cues, you will figure a way out. If you get fat adapted, who knows, you may even fast. A lot of carnivores end up at one meal a day, which can seem unimaginable in the beginning, but sort of becomes effortless down the line if you so choose. Good work!

  3. Bridget says:

    I found the last couple podcasts extremely helpful the 2nd time around as I “fell off the wagon” around Thanksgiving and just restarted again after Christmas. The silly thing was I made it through last year but this year seems to be extremely stressful for me and yes all it took was a couple sweet treats to derail me.

    • Hi Bridget, thank you, and I’m glad to hear that. Deviating for Thanksgiving and Christmas is very common. I will be sharing a story about my Christmas this year on my Instagram, probably tomorrow or Tuesday, that you may find enlightening. Maybe I’ll work it into a podcast episode as well. But falling off the wagon can be enlightening when you really reflect on it, and it sounds like you are already aware that this year involved a lot of stress, which can absolutely make it all harder. Good work!

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