Episode 17: Letting Go of Food with Freedom

Welcome to Episode 17 of The Road to Carnivore Podcast!

In this 13-minute episode, I will share a concept with you that has been a big part of my carnivore experience: letting go of food with freedom.

There are many ways to approach carnivore. One approach is strict abstinence akin to how some address alcoholism, where you live by the rule that you never eat carbohydrates and plant foods because by nature, it’s not allowed on carnivore.

This approach may work for people, but I personally found it did not work for me. The thought of a food “not being allowed” made me incredibly rebellious.

I share how I’ve let go of foods with a sense of freedom over time. This has made all the difference in my carnivore journey.

Joanne Ozug is the creator of The Road to Carnivore podcast series and a proponent for a carnivore way of eating. She specializes in helping others transition toward eating more meat and animal foods to create better health.


  1. Shawn Macc says:

    I have been carnivore with lots of deviations since June 21. I have been able to glimpse what feeling great all the time feels like but I’m not there yet. Your podcasts which I found from Nutrition with Judy are he first place I’ve found that helps me with the mental transition to carnivore. Over the last 10 months I’ve realised I may not want my career anymore because I’m stuffing my stress with junk food. I don’t want to go out and pay a large amount for a restaurant quality steak steak I could make on my air fryer for much less. I don’t want to go out drinking with my girlfriends anymore. I’m killing it at work (notice the terminology) because eating just steak at lunch makes me incredibly focussed and productive every afternoon. This way of eating is not for the faint hearted because you may change your entire life to chase the health and emotional benefits. I’m still feeling my way along but thanks for the insights. Episode 15 is a game changer and I’m going to listen to it many more times. Cheers. Shawn

    • Hi Shawn, that’s great to hear. The mental piece has been the most important element for me, and I love talking about that part of carnivore the most. You sound like you have a lot of self-awareness, and I’m really impressed by that. I’m celebrating your epiphanies!

  2. Linn Storegjerde says:

    This was really good, feel like it might be the answer. I’ve truly believe in the carnivore way, and been following the movement for a couple of years. When I’ve kept it clean I feel SO good. But I’ve been struggling to keep at it. I’ve been getting help for binge eating disorder, but they don’t acknowledge the addiction part of it, and we don’t have any carb addiction support were I live, so it is not the full solution. Been trying to hard knuckle it with the “no carbs ever” mindset (when I try) but like you say, it is making me anxious and rebellious. It is making the eating disorder worse. I heard someone say the other day that some people have eating disorder, some have addiction and some have both. and one method isn’t going to be the right one for everybody. Thinking I might have both the disorder and the addiction, and I think I’ll give this freedom thing a shot 😉 thanks!

    • What a thoughtful comment, and I celebrate the work that you are doing. It IS worth it, even though at times it can be exhausting, and I can hear bits of that in your story. I’m releasing an episode soon that might help you on this topic, which is about affection for food. Keep working at it, and good luck with continuing carnivore.

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